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REACH - Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals

REACH is the EU New Chemical Policy which is due to enter into force in June 2007. REACH stands for the Registration Evaluation Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals and will affect all producers, manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals in the EU.
This page of the CDI website aims to keep you updated with developments in REACH and what the CDI is doing to help its members.
The CDI has created an information sheet as an introduction to REACH (click here).  This sheet explains the basics of REACH, outlines what a downstream users duties are, explains what preparations they can start to make and identifies where companies can find more information on REACH.
Due to the political process involved in REACH coming into legislation, many companies have "old" versions of the legislation. The latest version in the CDI's possession is dated the 18th December 2006 and is the official version the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)"; copies of which can be downloaded by clicking here
The REACH Implementation Projects (RIPs) are very important projects which are determining the way in which companies will actually have to implement the REACH legislation. The CDI are very involved in these projects and are working to ensure that the guidance is both practical and workable for our member companies.  Final RIP (REACH Implementation Procedure) Reports can be downloaded from the European Chemical Bureau's website here
Click here for a copy of the latest (August 2006) Question and Answer document on REACH from the European Commission. 

UPDATE AUGUST 2006: The European Commission has published a provisional fee structure for chemicals registration under the EU REACH Regulation, In its revised legislative financial statement, the Commission points to the extra tasks heaped on the agency in response to a general industry desire for a stronger central implementing body to ensure consistent decision-making.  




Provisional rates are €1,200 for substances produced annually in quantities between one and ten tonnes; €3,257 for 10-100 tonnes: €8,842 for 100-1,000tonnes and €24,000 for over 1,000 tonnes.  It may offer discounts of 25% to SMEs and 33% to companies that take part in registration consortia. Authorisation applications would cost 58,000 and new applications to register substances for research and development purposes 500. Appeals against registration or authorisation decisions are likely to cost 1,500. (ENDS REPORT, 379, August 2006, pp. 49 - 50)

What is the CDI doing?
Currently, the CDI is following the progress of this legislation very closely and working alongside Eurometaux to lobby for changes specific to the Non Ferrous Metals industry.  As stated above, the CDI is also working hard to ensure that the RIP Guidance is suitable and workable for our members.
The CDI is also running a series of articles in its Cobalt News magazine (series started April 2006) on the REACH legislation to give readers a more in-depth understanding of the duties involved and the workings of this complex regulation.
Finally, the CDI will also be running a "Substance Information Project" within its membership in the near future to ascertain the identity of the substances which its members will be registering for REACH and to enable the CDI to suggest the most effective way of organising consortia for its members. For further information on this please click here










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