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Abstracts - Toxicology

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July 2014


Chelation in suspected prosthetic hip-associated cobalt toxicity. Giampreti A, Lonati D, Locatelli C. CANADIAN J. CARDIOLOGY, 2014, 30(4), 465.e13.
Molecular determination of genotoxic effects of cobalt and nickel on maize (Zea maize L.) by RAPD and protein analyses. Ertuk F, Ay H, Nardemir G. TOXICOL. & INDUSTRIAL ANALYSES, 2013, 29(7), 662-671.

April 2014

Uptake, p53 pathway activation and cytotoxic responses for Co(II) and Ni(II) in human lung cells: Implications for carcinogenicity. Green S, Luczak M, Morse J. TOXICOLOGICAL SCI., 2013, 136(2), 467-477.
Cytotoxicity and morphological transforming potential of cobalt nanoparticles, microparticles and ions in Balb/3T3 mouse fibroblasts: an in vitro model. Sabbioni E, Fortaner S, Farina M. NANOTOXICOL. 2014, 8(4), 455-464.

January 2014

Clinical manifestations in ten patients with asymptomatic metal-on-metal hip arthroplasty with very high cobalt levels. Van Lingen C, Ettema H, Timmer J. HIP INTNL, 2013, 23(5), 441-444.
Reproductive toxicity in adult male rats following intra-articular injection of cobalt-chromium nanoparticles. Wang Z, Chen Z, Zuo Q. J. OTRHOPAEDIC SCI., 2013, 18(6), 1020-1026.
31-day study of cobalt(II) chloride ingestion in humans: Pharcokinetics and clinical effects. Finley B, Unice K, Kerger B. J. TOXICOL. & ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH A, 2013, 76(21), 1210-1224.
Clinical features, testing and management of patients with suspected prosthetic hip-associated cobalt toxicity: a systematic review of cases. Devlin J, Pomerleau A, Brent J. J. MEDICAL TOXICOL., 2013, 9(4), 416-417.
An update on cobalt-chroium toxic retinotherapy. Apel W, Stark D, O'Hagan s. DOCUMENTA OPHTHALMOLOGICA, 2013, 127(2), 173-175.
Cobalt chloride speciation, mechanisms of cytotoxicity on human pulmonary cells and synergistic toxicity with zinc. Bresson C, Darolles C, Carmona A. TOXICOL. LETTS., 2013, 221 Supp., s167-s168.
In vitro assessment of cobalt oxide particle toxicity: Identification and circumventing interference. Darolles C, Sage N, Armengaud J. TOXICOL. IN VITRO, 2013, 27(6), 1699-1710.

October 2013

Cobalt triggers necrotic cell death and atrophy in skeletal C2Cl2 myotubes. Rovetta F, Stacchiotti A, Faggi F. TOXICOL. & APP. PHARMACOL., 2013, 271(2), 196-205.
High doses of cobalt induce optic and auditory neuropathy. Apostoli P, Catalani S, Zaghini A. EXPERIMENTAL & TOXICOLOGIC PATHOLOGY, 2013, 65(6), 718-727.

July 2013

The relationship between heavy metal (Cd, Co, Cu, Ni and Pb) levels and the size of benthic, benthopelagic and pelagic fish species, Persian Gulf. Abdolahpur Monikh F, Safahieh A, Savari A. BULL. ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION & TOXICOL., 2013, 90(6), 691-696.
A review of the health hazards posed by cobalt. Paustenbach D, Tvermoes B, Unice K. CRITICAL REV. IN TOXICOL., 2013, 4394), 316-362.
Genotoxicity of cobalt nanoparticles and ions in Drosophila. Vales G, Demir E, Kaya B. NANOTOXICOLOGY, 2013, 7(4), 462-468.

July 2012

Severe cobalt intoxication following hip replacement revision: Clinical features and outcome. Pelclova D, Sklensky M, Janicek P. CLINICAL TOX., 2012, 50(4), 262-265.
Online monitoring of cell metabolism to assess the toxicity of nanoparticles: The case of cobalt ferrite. Mariani V, Ponti J, Giudetti G. NANOTOX., 2012, 6(3), 272-287.
Cytotoxicity of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles on breast cancer cell lines. Asik E, Kaya M, Alp t. TOX. LETTS, 2012, 211, S206.
Genotoxicity of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles on MDA-231 cells using Comet assay. Demircigil G, Asik E, Kaya M. TOX. LETTS, 2012, 211, S206.
Cobalt chloride induces hepatotoxicity in adult rats and their suckling pups. Garoui E, Fetoui H, Ayadi Makni F. EXPERIMENTAL & TOXICOLOGIC PATHOLOGY, 2011, 63(1-2), 9-15.

April 2012

Effect of water hardness on the toxicity of cobalt and nickel to a freshwater fish, Capoeta fusca. Pourkhabbaz A, Khazaei T, Behravesh S. BIOMEDICAL & ENVIORNMENTAL SCI., 2011, 24(6), 656-660.

January 2012

Divergent effect of cobalt and beryllium salts on teh fate of peripheral blood monocytes and T lymphocytes. Paladini F, cocco E, Potolicchio I. TOXICOLOGICAL SCI., 2011, 119(2), 257-269.
Predictive toxicology of cobalt nanoparticles and ions: Comparative in vitro study of different cellular models using methods of knowledge discovery from data. Horev-Azaria L, Kirkpatrick C, Korenstein R. TOXICOLOGICAL SCI., 2011, 122(2), 489-501.
Sensitivity and specificity of blood cobalt and chromium metal ions for predicting failure of metal-on-metal hip replacement. Hart A, Sabah S, Bandi A. J. BONE & JOINT SURGERY, 2011, 93(10), 1308-1313.


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