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Abstracts - Recycling

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July 2014


Innovative electrochemistry technique for leaching cobalt from spent lithium ion batteries. Zeng G, Luo S, Li H. ASIAN J. CHEM, 2014, 26(4), 1099.
Process controls for improving bioleaching performance of both Li and Co from spent lithium batteries at high pulp density and its thermodynamics and kinetics exploration. Niu Z, Zou Y, Xin B. CHEMOSPHERE, 2014, 109, 92-98.
Chemical and mineralogical characterisations of cobalt precursor recovered from spent lithium-ion batteries with incineration process. Zhang T, he Y, Ge L. ADVANCED MATERS. RES., 2014, 878, 51-56.
Selective recovery of cobalt, nickel and lithium from sluphate leachate of cathode scrap of Li-ion batteries using liquid-liquid extraction. Nguyen V, Lee J, Jeong J. METALS & MATERS. INTNL, 2014, 20(2), 357-365.

April 2014

Li-ion battery recycling and cobalt flow analysis in Japan. Asari M, Sakai S. RESOURCES CONSERVATION & RECYCLING, 2013, 81, 52-59.
Dissolution behaviour of cobalt from WC-Co hardmetal scraps by oxidation and wet milling process. Kim S, Seo B, son S. HYDROMETALLURGY, 2014, 143, 28-33.

January 2014

Leaching cobalt and stripping aluminium foil from cathode electrode of spent Li-ion batteries by the electrolytic technology. Qin Y, Man R, Yin X. MODERN CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, 2013, 33(8), 49-52.
Efficient detection and extraction of cobalt(II) from lithiumion batteries and wastewater by novel composite adsorbent. Awual Md, Ismael M, Yaita t. SENSORS & ACTUATORS B, 2014, 49, 190-198.
Hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of high value metals from spent lithium nickel cobalt aluminium oxide based lithium-ion batteries. Joulie M, Laucournet R, Billy E. J. POWER SOURCES, 2013, 35, 22-26.

October 2013

Influence of silver ions on bioleaching of cobalt from spent lithium batteries. Zeng G, Luo S, Deng X. MINERALS ENGINEERING, 2013, 49, 40-44.
Recovery of lithium and cobalt from waste lithium ion batteries of mobile phone. Jha M, Kumari A, Jha A. WASTE MANAGEMENT, 2013, 33(9), 1890-1897.

July 2013

Recovery of metals from spent lithium-ion batteries with organic acids as leaching reagents and environmental assessment. Li L, Dunn J, Zhang X. J. POWER SOURCES, 2013, 233, 180-189.
Selective separation and recovery of cobalt from leach liquor of discarded Li-ion batteries using thiophosphinic extractant. Jha A, Jha M, Kumari A. SEPARATION & PURIFICATION TECHNOL., 2013, 104, 160-166.
A novel method to recycle mixed cathode materials for lithium ion batteries. Zou H, Gratz E, Apelian D. GREEN CHEM., 2013, 15(5), 1183-1191.

January 2013

Recovery of copper and cobalt from spent aerospace material with pollution-free oxidant. Xiao Y, Zhou X, Cao L. ADVANCED MATERS. RES., 2012, 476/478(1), 357-362.
Hydrometallurgocal route to recover nickel, cobalt and cadmium from spent Ni-Cd batteries. Fernandes A, Afonso J, Bourdot Dutra a. J. POWER SOURCES, 2012, 220, 286-291.
Recovery of nickel and cobalt from spent NiMH batteries by electrowinning. Bertuol D, Amado F, Veit H. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING & TECHNOL., 2012, 35(12), 2084-2092.

October 2012

Ascorbic-acid-assisted recovery of cobalt and lithium from spent Li-ion batteries. Li L, Lu J, Ren Y. J. POWER SOURCES, 2012, 218, 21-27.
Chemical and electrochemical recycling of the nickel, cobalt, zinc and manganese from the positive electrodes of spent Ni-MH batteries from mobile phones. Santos V, Celante V, Lelis M. J. POWER SOURCES, 2012, 218, 435-444.

July 2012

Electrochemical recycling of cobalt from spent cathodes of lithium-ion batteries: its application as supercapacitor. Garcia E, Tarco H, Matencio T. J. APP. ELECTROCHEM., 2012, 42(6), 361-366.

April 2012

A copper-catalysed bioleaching process for enhancement of cobalt dissolution from spent lithium-ion batteries. Zeng G, Deng X, Luo S. J. HAZARDOUS MATERS, 2012, 199-200, 164-169.

January 2012

Electrochemical recycling of cobalt from spent cathodes of lithium-ion batteries: its application as coating on SOFC interconnects. Garcia E, Tarco H, Matencio T. J. APP. ELECTROCHEM., 2011, 41(11), 1373-1379.

October 2011

Preparation of LiCoO2 films from spent lithium-ion batteries by a combined recycling process. Li L, Chen R, Sun F. HYDROMETALLURGY, 2011, 108(3-4), 220-225.
Preparation of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles by using spent Li-ion batteries. Yang L, Yan Q, Xi G. J. MATERS. SCI., 2011, 46(18), 6106-6110.

July 2011

Environmental friendly leaching reagent for cobalt and lithium recovery from spent lithium-ion batteries. Li L, Ge J, Chen R. WASTE MANAGEMENT, 2010, 30(12), 2615-2621.


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