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Abstracts - Prosthetics

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July 2014


An investigation into the flexural characteristics of functionally graded cobalt chrome femoral stems manufactured using selective laser melting. Haslehurst K, Wang C, Stanford M. MATERS. & DESIGN, 2014, 60, 177-183.
Cobalt based alloys for dental applications. Ghiban B, Bortun C, Ghiban A. KEY ENGINEERING MATERS., 2014, 583, 175-178.

April 2014

No difference in in vivo polyethylene wear particles between oxidised zirconium and cobalt-chromium femoral component in total knee arthroplasty. Minoda Y, Hata K, Iwaki H. KNE SURGERY SPORTS TRAUMATOLOGY ARTHROSCOPY, 2014, 22(3), 680-686.

January 2014

The potential application of a cobalt chrome molybdenum femoral stem with functionally graded orthotropic structures manufactured using laser metling technologies. Hazlehurst K, Wang C, Stanford M. MEDICAL HYPOTHESIS, 2013, 81(6), 1096-1099.
Rod fractures in spinal diformity surgery: does cobalt chrome really fracture less often? Hellman M, Haughom B, Wetters N. SPINE J., 2013, 13(9), S163.

April 2013

Alloy developments in biomedical Co-base alloys for hip implant applications. Lopez H. MATERS. SCI. FORUM, 2013, 736, 13-146.

October 2012

Effects of conventional welding and laser welding on the tensile strength, ultimate tensile strength and surface characteristics of two cobalt-chromium alloys: A comparative study. Madhan Kumar S, Sethumadhava J, Anand Kumar V. J. INDIAN PROSTHODONTIC SOC, 2012, 12(2), 87-93.

July 2012

Corrosion characteristics of a selective laser melted Co-Cr dental alloy under physiological conditions. Xin X, Xiang N, Chen J. J. MATERS. SCI, 2012, 47(12), 4813-4820.
Effect of welding parameters of the Nd@YAG laser on the penetration depth of cobalt chromium alloys. Vlachogianni V, Clark R, Juszczik A. EUROPEAN J. PROSTHODONTICS & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY, 2012, 20(1), 11-16.
Heat treatment influence on corrosion resistance of some new dental cobalt alloys. Ghiban A, ghiban B, Bortun C. DIFFUSION & DEFECT DATA B, 2012, 188, 93-97.

October 2011

Cobalt chromium alloy with immobilised BMP peptide for enhanced bone growth. Poh C, Shi Z, Tan X. J. ORTHOPAEDIC RES., 2011, 29(9), 1424-1430.
Wear and migration of highly cross-linked and conventional cemented polyethylene cups with cobalt chrome or oxinium femoral heads: A randomised radiostereometric study of 150 patients. Kadar T, Hallan G, Aamodt A. J. ORTHOPAEDIC RES., 2011, 29(8), 1222-1229.

July 2011

Improved adhesion of ultra-hard carbon films on cobalt-chromium orthopaedic implant alloy. Catledge S, Vaid R, Diggins P. J. MATERS. SCI. MATERS. IN MED., 2011, 22(2), 307-316.
Biocompatibility of metal injection moulded versus wrought ASTM F562 (MP35N) and ASTM F1537 (CCM) cobalt alloys. Chen H, Sago A, West S, BIOMEDICAL MATERS. & ENGINEERING, 2011, 21(1), 1-8.
Effects of thermal treatments on protein adsorption of Co-Cr-Mo ASTM-F75 alloys. Duncan L, Labeed F, Abel M. J. MATERS SCI, 2011, 22(6), 1455-1464.

January 2011

Wear and creep of highly crosslinked polyethylene against cobalt chrome and ceramic femoral heads. Galvin A, Jennings L, Tipper J. PROCEEDINGS - INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS H J., 2010, 224(10), 1175-1184.

October 2010

Opaque layer firing temperature and aging effect on the flexural strength of ceramic fused to cobalt-chromium alloy. de Vasconcellos L, Buso L, Lombardo G. J. PROSTHODONTICS, 2010, 19(6), 471-477.
Mechanical alloying of biocompatible Co-28Cr-6Mo alloy. Sánchez-De Jesús F, Bolarín-Miró A, Torres-Villaseñor G. J. MATERS SCI. MATERS. IN MEDICINE, 2010, 21(7), 2021-2026.

April 2010

Survivorship of monoblock cobalt chrome alloy acetabular components: five to twelve year results. Hulst J, Ball S, Wu G. J. ARTHROPLASTY, 2010, 25(3), e56.

January 2010

Cobalt chromium rods: How to they stack up? Nunn T, Varley E, Arunakul R. SPINE J., 2009, 9(10), SUPP, 44S.

October 2009

Elevated serum concentrations of cobalt, chromium, nickela nd manganese after metal-on-metal alloarthroplasty of the hip: A prospective randomised study. Dahlstrand H, Stark A, Anissian L. J. ARTHROPLASTY, 2009, 24(6), 837-845.

July 2009

Time-dependent release of cobalt and chromium ions into the serum following implantation of the metal-on-metal Maverick™ type artificial lumbar disc (Medtronic Sofamor Danek). Zeh A, Becker C, Planert M. ARCHIVES OF ORTHOPAEDIC AND TRAUMA SURGERY, 2009, 129(6), 741-746.
Enahnced biocompatibility of Co-Cr implant material by Ti coating and micro-arc oxidation. Han C, Kim H, Kim Y. J. BIOMEDICAL MATERS. RES. B, 2009, 90(1), 165-170.

January 2009

Cobalt deposition in mineralised bone matrix subsequent to hip joint replacement with CoCr implants. Katzer A, Hahn M, Niecke M. METAL IONS IN BIOL. & MED., 2008, 10, 22-26.
Allocation of nonbirefringent wear debris: Darkfield illumination associated with PIXE microanalysis reveals cobalt deposition in mineralised bone matrix adjacent to CoCr implants. Busse B, Hahn M, Niecke M. J. BIOMEDICAL MATER. RES. A, 2008, 87(2), 536-545.


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