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Abstracts - Powders

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October 2012


Hydrogen reduction of heterogenite to make sub-micron cobalt metal powder for hard metal applications. Singh Gaur R. INTNL J. REFRACTORY METALS & HARD MATERS, 2012, 35, 300-305.

July 2012

Synthesis of ultrafine WC-Co core-shell composite powders by chemical reduction method. Zhang X, Liao L, Wang Y. ASIAN J. CHEM., 2012, 24(1), 327.
Ball milling of WC-Co powder as injection moulding feedstock. Amin S, Muhamad N, Jamaludin K. APP. MECHANICS & MATERS., 2012, 110/116(2), 1425-1430.
Nanostructured cobalt powders synthesised by polyol process and consolidated by spark plasma sintering: microstructure and mechanical properties. Fellah F, Schoenstein F, Dakhlaoui-Omrani A. MATERS. CHARACTERISATION, 2012, 69, 1-8.

January 2012

Preparation of Fe-50wt.% Co nanopowders by calcination and hydrogen reduction of nitrate powders. Oh S, Kim M, Choa Y. MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, 2012, 89(97-99).

July 2011

Hydrogen reduction of heterogenite to make submicron cobalt metal power. Singh-Gaur R. ADVANCES IN POWDER METALLURGY & PARTICULATE MATERS., 2010, 2(08-01.

January 2011

Magnetic properties of the WC-Co Cermet powders. Serban V, Malaescu I, Ercuta A. AIP CONF. PROCEEDINGS, 2010, 1262, 113-117.
Powder preparation and comparison of the sintering methods in compaction of WC-12%Co powder. Lagerbom J, Oksa M, Kosonen T. 2009, 2, 247-252.

October 2010

Shape-controlled synthesis and formation mechanism of cobalt nanopowder by a PVP-assisted method. Zhang B, Yu H, Sun D. MATER. SCI. FORUM, 2010, 654/656(2), 1186-1189.
Preparation, crystallisation process and magnetic property of Fe(Co, Ni)ZrB alloy powders. Hua Z, Yu W, Sun Y. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 2010, 505(2), 768-771.
Synthesis of Co3 W-Cu composite nanopowders by mechanical milling and hydrogen reduction process. Kaleji B, Sarraf-Mamoory R, Hosseinabadi N. POWDER METALLURGY, 2010, 53(2), 174-176.
Development of cobalt ferrite powder preparation employing the sol-gel technique and its structural characterisation. Sajjia M, Oubaha M, Prescott T. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 2010, 506(1), 400-406.

July 2010

Stacking faults and structure analysis of ball-milled Fe-50%Co powders. Moumeni H, Nemamcha A, Alleg S. MATERS CHEM & PHYSICS, 2010, 122(2-3), 439-443.

April 2010

Preparation of cobalt oxalate powders with the presence of a pulsed electromagnetic field. Du H, Wang J, Wang B. POWDER TECHNOL, 2010, 199(2), 149-153.
Binary systems of ultrafine metal powders. III. Sintering of porous strips based on binary mixtures of ultrafine nickel, copper and cobalt powders. Lyushinskii A. POWDER METALLURGY & METAL CERAMICS, 2009, 48(9-10), 540-546.

April 2009

X-ray study of the structure and magnetic properties of ZnO:(Co, Mn) powders. Yang J, Zho L, Zhang Y. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 2009, 473(1-2), 543-545.
Chemical vapour synthesis and characterisation of nanosiezed WC-Co composite powder and post-treatment. Ryu T, Sohn H, Hwang K. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEM. RES., 2008, 47(23), 9384-9388.
Electrochemical hydrogenation of nanocrystalline face-centered cubic Co powder. Chung S, Wang K, Teng M. INTNL J. HYDROGEN ENERGY, 2009, 34(3), 1383-1388.
Preparation and characterisation of ultrafine cobalt powders and supported cobalt catalysts by freeze-drying. Xi x, Nie Z, Jiang Y. POWDER TECHNOL., 2009, 191(1-2), 107-110.

January 2009

Production of nanostructured WC-Co powder by mall milling. Enayati M, Aryanpour G, Ebnonnasir A. INTNL J. REFRACTORY METALS & HARD MATERIALS, 2009, 27(1), 159-163.
Computational simulation of thermally sprayed WC-Co powder. Kamnis S, Gu S, Lu T. COMPUTATIONAL MATER. SCI., 2008, 43(4), 1172-1182.
Phase evolution and magnetic properties of Co/a-Fe2O3 powder mixtures with different molar ratios treated by mechanical alloying. Sani R, Beitollahi A. J. NONCRYSTALLINE SOLIDS, 2008, 354(40-41), 4635-4643.
Preparation of nano-crystalline Co powder from CoCO3. Sha L, Kai-Hua X. INTNL J. REFRACTORY METALS & HARD MATER., 2009, 27(1), 61-65.
Pressure aided sintering of ultrafine powders of WC with addition of Co. Borges L, Oliveira H, Guimaraes R. MATER. SCI. FORUM, 2008, 591/593, 308-314.
Synthesis, phase formation and characterisation of Co4Nb2O9 powders synthesised by solid-state reaction. Chaiyo N, Muanghlua R, Ruangphanit A. ADVANCED MATERS. RES., 2008, 55-57, 873-876.


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