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Abstracts - Pigments

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July 2014


Study of ceramic pigments based on cobalt doped Y2O3-Al2O3 system. Dohnalov A, Gorodulova N. J. THERMAL ANAL. & CALORIMETRY, 2014, 116(2), 647-654.

April 2013

Synthesis and spectra characterisation of CoxZn1-xAl2O4 nanosized pigments by gel combustion method. Chadorbafzadeh M, Baghshahi S, Mohebi M. CERAMICS SILIKATY, 2012, 56(4), 301-305.

January 2013

Metal ions doped complex cobalt blue pigment research. Ye M, han A, Liu Z. ADVANCED MATERS. RES., 2012, 415/417(1), 194-199.

April 2012

Synthesis of nanosized (Zn1-xCox)Al2O4 spinels: new pink ceramic pigments. Fernandez-Osorio A, Pineda-Villanueva E, Chavez-Fernandez J. MATERS. RES. BULL., 2012, 47(2), 445-452.
Shepherd introduces high-gloss cobalt blue pigment. ADDITIVES FOR POLYMERS, 2012, 2102(1), 4.

October 2011

Electrochemical investigation of anticorrosive properties of nano-cyrstalline Zn0.9Co0.1O green ceramic pigments synthesised by microwave-assisted gel combustion method. Rasouli S, Danaee I, Pnah N. J. INDIAN CHEMICAL SOC., 2011, 88(7), 969-976.

July 2011

Co-doped hardystonite, Ca2(Zn,Co)Si2O7, a new blue ceramic pigment. Dondi M, Zanelli C, Ardit M. J. AMERICAN CERAMIC SOC., 2011, 94(4), 1025-1030.
Synthesis and structure of zircon-based ceramic pigments containing Mn, Co and Ni as chromophoric elements. Dimitrov T. GLASS & CERAMICS, 2011, 67(11-12), 383-385.

April 2011

Wet-chemical processing and angle-dependent optical properties characterisation of Mica/TiO2/Al2O3/M2O3 (M = Fe, Cr, Co) pigments. Du H, Liu C, Sun J. MATERS. SCI. FORUM, 2011,663/665(2), 1053-1056.
Synthesis and optical and structural characterisation of Ce(1-x)O2:MxO (M = Cu, Co) pigments. Araujo V, Bernardi M. J. THERMAL ANAL & CALORIMETRY, 2011, 103(2), 501-506.
Zn0.97M0.03O (M = Co, Fe and V) pigments: thermal, structural and optical characterisation. Milao T, Oliveira J, Araujo V. J. THERMAL ANAL & CALORIMETRY, 2011, 103(3), 873-877.

October 2010

Sol-gel self-propagating combustion synthesis of cobalt blue pigment. Ye M, Liu Z, Han A. CHEMICAL INDUSTRY & ENGINEERING PROGRESS, 2010, 29(5), 927-931.

July 2010

Blue-violet ceramic pigments based on Co and Mg Co2xMgxP2O7 diphosphates. Llusar M, Zielinska A, Tena M. J. EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOC, 2010, 168(1-3), 151-155.

April 2010

Spectroscopic analysis of blue cobalt smalt pigments. Jonynaite D, Senvaitiene J, Beganskiene A. VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY, 2010, 52(2), 158-162.

January 2010

Synthesis and spectral characterisation of CoxMg1-xAl2O4 as new nano-colouring agent of ceramic pigment. Ahmed I, Shama S, Moustafa M. SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA A, 2009, 74(3), 665-672.

October 2009

Effect of added zinc on the properties of cobalt-containing ceramic pigments prepared from layered double hydroxides. Perez-Bernal M, Ruano-Casero R, Rives V. J. SOLID STATE CHEM, 2009, 182(9), 2566-2578.
M-doped Al2TiO5 (M = Cr, Mn, Co) solid solutions and their use as ceramic pigments. Dondi M, Lyubenova T, Carda J. J. AMERICAN CERAMIC SOC., 2009, 92(9), 1972-1980.

April 2009

Blue cobalt doped-hibonite pigments prepared from industrial sludges: Formulation and characterisation. Leite A, Costa G, Hajjaji W. DYES & PIGMENTS, 2009, 81(3), 211-217.

October 2008

Development of blue ceramic dyes from cobalt phosphates. Meseguer S, Tena M, Gargori C. CERAMICS INTNL, 2008, 34(6), 1431-1438.

April 2008

Synthesis blue pigment for ceramic tile (Co, Ni, Cu, Fe-Cordierite). Van Tuong P, Son L. TAP CHI HOA HOC, 2008, 45(4), 397-402.

January 2008

Roskill sees bright future for antimony trioxide and cobalt pigments. No authors. FOCUS ON PIGMENTS, 2007, 2007(11), 4.

October 2007

The preparation and characteristics of cobalt blue coloured mica titania pearlescent pigment by microemulsions. Jin C, Hanbing S.

July 2007

Structure and colour of cobalt ceramic pigments from phosphates. Meseguer S, Tena M, Gargori C.

January 2007

Characterisation of cobalt-containing ceramic pigments by WD-XRF and XRD. Barba A, Gazulla M, Gomez M.
Influence of Ba2+ on the optical property of cobalt blue. Tongjun L, Dean Y, Lizhi D.


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