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Abstracts - Physics

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July 2014


Effect of Co addition on the critical current density of MgB2 superconductor. Kirst G, Kizilaslan O, Aksan M. PHYSICA B, 2014, 445, 24-27.
Investigation of electron transmission through Co/C/Co magnetic tunnel junctions. Huerkamp F, Kruger P, Pollmann J. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2014, 89(12), 125302.
Electronic and magnetic properties of the interface between metal-quinoline molecules and cobalt. Droghetti A, Steil S, Grossmann N. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2014, 89(9), 094412.
Magnetic structure and dynamics of a strongly one-dimensional cobaltII metal-organic framework. Sibille R, Lhotel E, Mazet T. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2014, 89(10), 104413.
Long-range magnetic proximity effects in nobel metal-doped cobalt probed with spin-dependent tunnelling. Gabureac M, MacLaren D, Courtois H. NEW J. PHYS., 2014, 16(4), 043008.
Magneto-elastic effects and thermodynamic properties of ferromagnetic hcp Co. Kuang F, Kuang X, Kang S. PHYSICA B, 2014, 441, 72-79.

April 2014

Reentrant surface anisotropy in the antiferromagnetic/ferromagnetic bilayer Mn/Co/Cu(001). Caminale M, Moroni R, Torelli P. PHYSICAL REV. LETTS, 2014, 112(3), 037201.
Complex magnetic couplings in Co3TeO6. Wang C, Lee C, Li C. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(18), 184427.
Electronic and atomic structure of Co/Ge nanoislands on the Ge(111) surface. Muzychenko d, Schouteden K, Van Haesendonck C. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(19), 195436.
Hole doping effect on superconductivity in Ce(Co1-xRux)In5. Ou M, Gofryk K, Baumbach r. PHYSICAL REV., 88, 19, 195134.
Magnetic moment and anisotropy of individual Co atoms on graphene. Donati F, Dubout Q, Autes G. PHYSICAL REV. LETTS, 2013, 111(23), 236801.
Pressure and disorder effects on the half-metallic charactger and magnetic properties of the full-Heusler alloy Co2FeSi. Zhu X, Wang Y, Wang L. J. PHY. & CHEM. OF SOLIDS, 2014, 75(3), 291-396.
Absence of structural transition in M0.5IrTe2 (M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni). Yan J, Saparov B, Sefat A. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(13), 134502.
55Mn NMR study of quaternay half-metallic ferromagnetic Co2Mn1-xFexSi Heusler compounds. Wurmehl S, Alfonsov A, Kohlhepp J. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(13), 134424.
Interface characterisation of Co2MnGe/Rh2CuSn Heusler multilayers. Knut R, Svedlindh P, Mryasov O. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(16), 161405.
Role of MgO barriers for spin and charge transport in Co/MgO/graphene nonlocal spin-valve devices. Volmer F, Drogeler M, Maynicke E. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(15), 155135.
Crystal electric field of P2-NaxCoO2 for the intermediate spin state of Co3+. Shu G, Chou f. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(15), 155130.
Electronic structure and crystallographic properties of skutterudite-related Ce3M4Sn13 and La3M4Sn13 (M = Co, Ru and Rh). Slebarski A, Goraus J. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(15), 155122.
Fe3- delta O4/MgO/Co magnetic tunnel junctions synthesised by full in situ atomic layer and chemical vapour deposition. Mantovan R, Vangelista S, Kutrzeba-Kotowska B. J. PHYS. D, 2014, 47(10), 102002.

January 2014

Direct observation of Cr spin polarisation in epitaxial Cr.Co/Cr(100) trilayers. Brussing F, Ewerlin M, Abrudan R. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(9), 094431.
Huge magnetically coupled orbital moments of Co porphyrin molecules and their control by CO adsorption. Hermanns C, Bernien M, Kruger A. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(10), 104420.
First principles study of Co concentration and interfacial resonance states in Fe1-xCox magnetic tunnel junctions. Trinastic J, Wang Y, Cheng H. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(10), 104408.
Magnetic domain patterns on strong perpendicular magnetisation of Co/Ni multilayers as spintronics materials. I. Dynamic observations. Suzuki M, Kudo K, Kojima K. J. PHYS. CONDENSED MATTER, 2013, 25(40), 406001.
Total neutron scattering investigation of the structure of a cobalt gallium oxide spinel prepared by solvothermal oxidation of gallium metal. Playford H, Hannon A, Tucker M. J. PHYS. CONDENSED MATTER, 2013, 25(45), 454212.
Separation of magnetic properties at uranium and cobalt sites in UCoAl using soft x-ray magnetic circular dichroism. Takeda Y, Saitoh Y, Okane T. PHYSICAL REV. B, 2013, 88(7), 075108.


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