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Abstracts - Environment - Occupational

Category list

July 2013

Environment - Occupational

Occupational exposure to cobalt is not associated with incipient signs of dilated cardiomayopathy in a Belgian refinery. Lantin A, Vermeulen J, Mallants A. OCCUPATIONAL & ENVIORNMENTAL MEDICINE, 2013, 70(6), 386-392.

January 2013

Nickel(II) and cobalt(II) extraction from chloride solutions with quaternary phosphonium salts. Rybka P, Regel-Rosocka M. SEPARATION SCI. & TECHNOL., 2012, 47(9), 1296-1302.

January 2012

Assessment of nickel and cobalt release from 200 unused hand-held work tools for sale in Denmark - sources of occupational metal conatc dermatitis? Thyssen J, Jensen P, Liden C. SCI. TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 2011, 409(22), 4663-4666.

October 2010

Skin deposition of nickel, cobalt and chromium in production of gas turbines and space propulsion components. Julander A, Skare L, Mulder M. ANNALS OF OCCUPATION HYGIENE, 2010, 54(3), 340-350.
Cobalt asthma - a case series from a cobalt plant. Sauni R, Linna A, Oksa P. OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE, 2010, 60(4), 301-306.

April 2010

Biological monitoring of tungsten (and cobalt) in workers of a hardmetal alloy industry. De Palma G, Manini P, Sarnico M. INTNL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL & ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, 2010, 83(2), 173-181.

January 2010

Cobalt concentration in urine as an indicator of occupational exposure to low level cobalt oxide. Fujio T. J. - UOEH, 2009, 31(3), 243-257.
Occupational exposure to cobalt: A population toxicokinetic modelling approach validated by field results challenges the biological exposure index for urinary cobalt. Martin A, Bois F, Pierre F. J. OCCUPATIONAL & ENVIRONMENTAL HYGIENE, 2010, 7(1), 54-62.

July 2009

Comparison between exhaled breath condensate analysis as a marker for cobalt and tungsten exposure and biomonitoring in workers of a hard metal alloy processing plant. Broding H, Michalke , Göen T. INTNL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL & ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, 2009, 82(5), 565-573.
Evaluation o arsenic, cobalt, copper and manganese in biological samples of steel mill workers by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry. Afridi H, Kazi T, Kazi N. TOXICOL. & INDUSTRIAL HEALTH, 2009, 25(1), 59-70.
Occupational cobalt induced systemic contact dermatitis. Asano Y, Makino T, Norisugi O, EJD, 2009, 19(2), 166.
Characterisation of exposures among cemented tungsten carbide workers. Part II: Assessment of surface contamination and skin exposures to cobalt, chromium and nickel. Day G, Virji M, Stefaniak A. J. EXPOSURE SCI. & ENVIRONMENTAL EPIDEMIOLOGY, 2009, 19(4), 423-434.

July 2008

Deposition of nickel, chromium and cobalt on the skin in some occupations - assessment by acid wipe sampling. Liden C, Skare L, Nise G. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2008, 58(6), 347-354.

October 2007

Hardmetal lung disease: Still hard to understand. Nemery B, Abraham J.
Occupational dermatitis related to chromium and cobalt: Experience of dermatologists (EPIDERM) and occupational physicians (OPRA) in the UK over an 11-year period (1993-2004). Athavale P, Shum K, Chen Y.
Two-dimensional analysis of elements and mononuclear cells in hardmetal lung disease. Moriyama H, Kobayashi M, Takada T.

July 2007

Hard metal pneumoconiosis: A case of giant-cell interstitial pneumonitis in a machinist. Enriquez L, Mohammed T, Johnson G.
Urinary elimination of nickel and cobalt in relation to airborne nickel and cobalt exposures in a battery plant. Yokota K, Johyama Y, Kunitani Y.

April 2007

Hardmetal Pneumoconiosis: A case of giant-cell interstitial pneumonitis in a machinist. Enriquez L, Mohammed T, Johnson G.

January 2006

Criteria document for Swedish occupational standards cobalt and cobalt compounds. Palmen N.

October 2005

"Bioaccumulation of Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb and Zn in trophosome and vestimentum of the tube worm Riftia pachyptila from Guaymas basin, Gulf of California. Ruelas-Inzunza J, Paez-Osuna F, Soto L."
"Occupational asthma caused by cobalt chloride in a diamond polisher after cessation of occupation exposure: a case report. Krakowiak A, Dudek W, Tarkowki M."


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