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Abstracts - Coatings

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July 2014


Tribological behaviour of HVOF- and HVAF sprayed composite coatings based on Fe-alloy-WC-12% Co. Bolelli G, Borner T, Milanti A. SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOL., 2014, 248, 104-112.
Microstructure and hot corrosion behaviours of two Co modified aluminide coatings on a Ni-based superalloy at 700C. Fan Q, Jiang S, Yu H. APP. SURFACE SCI., 2014, 311, 214-223.
Hot corrosion behaviour of plasma and HVOF sprayed Co- and Ni-based coatings at 900C. Saricimen H, Quddus A, Ul-hamid A. PROTECTION OF METALS & PHYSICAL CHEM. OF SURFACES, 2014, 50(3), 391-399.
Investigation ofWC-Co electrospark coatings with various carbon contents. Burkov A, Pyachin S. J. MATERS. ENGINEERING & PERFORMANCE, 2014, 23(6), 2034-2042.
An EQCM study on the influence of saccharin on the corrosion properties of nanostructured cobalt and cobalt-iron alloy coatings. Nik Masdek N, Alfantazi A. J. SOLID STATE ELECTROCHEM., 2014,18(6), 1701-1716.
Fabrication of cobalt oxide (Co3O4) coatings by electrophoretic deposition. Zhang D, Li X, guo X. MATER. LETTS., 2014, 126, 211-213.
The variation of mechanical properties of WC-based HVOF sprayed coatings with respect to the Co content. Houdkova S, Blahova O, Kasparova M. KEY ENGINEEERING MATERS., 2014, 586, 23-26.
La, Sr and Co based coatings obtained on ferritic stainless steel by dip-coating technique. Korb M, Atolini M, Junior J. MATERS. SCI. FORUM, 2014, 775/776, 507-511.

April 2014

Salt spray corrosion resistance of WC/Co coating prepared by plasma spraying. Li J, Xia J. CORROSION SCI. & PROTECTION TECHNOL., 2014, 2691), 35-40.
Formation and cyclic oxidation resistance of Hf-Co-modified aluminide coatings on nickel base superalloys. Li H, qiao M, Zhou C. MATERS. CHEM. & PHYS., 2014, 143(3), 915-920.
Characterisation of the residual stresses in HVOF WC-Co coatings and substrates. Venter A, Oladijo O, Cornish L. MATERS. SCI. FORUM, 2014, 768/769, 280-288.
Study of interactive stresses in thin WC-Co coating of thick mild steel substrate using high-precision neutron diffraction. Venter A, Luzin V, Oladijo O. MATERS. SCI. FORUM, 2014, 772, 161-166.
Delamination strength of WC-Co thermal sprayed coating under combined stresses by torsion-tension pin-test method. Kaneko K, Higaki K. PROCEEDINGS - INDIAN NATIONAL SCI. ACADEMY, 2013, 79(4), 505-512.
Wear behaviour of WC-12%Co coatings produced by air plasma spraying at different standoff distances. Afzal M, Ajmal M, Khan A. TRIBOLOGY TRANS., 2014, 57(1), 94-103.
Preparation and performance of Co-Mn spinel coating on a ferritic stainless steel interconnect material for solid oxide fuel cell application. Zhang H, Zeng C. J. POWER SOURCES, 2014, 252, 122-129.

January 2014

Characteristics of electrodeposited cobalt and titania nano-reinforced cobalt composite coatings. Mahdavi S, Allahkaram S. SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY, 2013, 232, 198-203.
Microstructure and wear behaviours of WC-12%Co coating deposited on ductile iron by electric contact surface strengthening. Qi X, Zhu S, Ding H. APP. SURFACE SCI., 2013, 282, 672-679.
Cobalt/cobalt oxide nanoparticles-assemble coatings with various morphology and composition synthesised by pulsed laser deposition. Patel N, Santini A, Bello V. SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOL., 2013, 235, 784-791.
Rapdi fabrication of corrosion resistant and superhydrophobic cobalt coating by a one-step electrodeposition. Su F, Yao K, Liu C. J. ELECTROCHEMICAL SOC., 2013, 160(11), D593.
Development status of laser clad cobalt-based alloy coatings. Yu H. ADVANCED MATERS. RES., 2013, 748, 192.

October 2013

Preparation and hot corrosion behaviour of two Co modified NiAl coatings on a Ni-based superalloy. Fan Q, Jiang S, Wu D. CORROSION SCI., 2013, 76, 373-381.
Behaviour of thermally sprayed WC-Co layers on 5086 aluminium alloy and 304 L stainless steel. Boualem N, Raid A, Ghaffor M. KEY ENGINEERING MATERS., 2013, 550, 41-48.
Microstructural and mechanical characterisations of a novel HVOF-sprayed WC-Co coating deposited from electroless Ni-P coated WC-12Co powders. Jafari M, Enayati M, Salehi M. MATERS. SCI. & ENGINEERING A, 2013, 578, 46-53.
Erosion behaviour of WC-Co-Cr thermal spray coated grey cast iron under mining environment. Yoganandh J, Natarajan S, Kumaresh Babu S. TRANS. INDIAN INST. OF METALS, 2013, 66(4), 437-443.
The structure-phase compositions and properties of plasma-detonation Ni and Co-based powder alloys coatings. Alontseva D, russakova A. ADVANCED MATERS. RES., 2013, 702, 94-99.


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