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Abstracts - Chemistry

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January 2014


Aromatic carboxylate effect on dimensionality of three bis(benzimidarole)-based cobalt(II) coordination polymers: Synthesis, structures and properties. Zhang J, Gong C, Hou L. J. SOLID STATE CHEM., 2013, 205, 104-109.
Cobalt(III) complexes of unsaturated carboxylic acids: synthesis, characterisation and photochemical studies in aqueous medium. Jothivenkatachalam K, Chandra Mohan S, Natarajan P. RES. ON CHEMICAL INTERMEDIATES, 2013, 39(7), 3371-3386.
Synthesis and properties of a 2-butylphenyl imidazole dicarboxylate-based cobalt(II) coordination polymer. Jia H, Hou L, Guo M. CHEMICAL RES. & APPLICATION, 2013, 25(6), 885-889.
Electron-rich ligand modified, ferromagnetic luminescent cis-[CoIII(en)2(RNH2)Cl]Cl2 complexes and their electrochemical reduction behaviour. Anbalagan K, Ganeshraja A. INORG. CHEM. COMMS., 2013, 37, 59-65.
Epoxidation of mixed bi-olefins with air over nanosized Co3O4 assisted by ultrasonic waves. Lei J, Lu X, Zhang J. INDIAN J. CHEM. A, 2013, 52(6), 709-716.
Micelle-templated oxides and carbonates of zinc, cobalt and aluminium and a generalised strategy for their synthesis. Eckhardt B, Ortel E, Bernsmeier D. CHEM. MATERS., 2013, 25(4), 2749-2758.

April 2012

Synthesis and characterisation of Co(II)- and Zn(II)-8-hydroxyquinolate multilayer nanoparticles via successive ion layer adsorption and reaction technique. Haggag S, Mahmoud M. INIDAN J. CHEM. A, 2011, 50(12), 1689-1696.
Speciation of binary complexes of L-glutamic acid with CoII, NiII and CuII in low dielectric media. Raju S, Naik K, Kumar B. J. INDIAN CHEMICAL SOC., 2012, 89(1), 57-106.

January 2011

Intermediate states on the way to edge sharing BO4 tetrahedra in M6B22O39 H2O (M = Fe, Co). Neumair S, Knyrim J, Oeckler O. CHEM., 2010, 16(46), 13659-13670.
Preconcentration and determination of ultra trace cobalt(II) in water samples using Co(II)-imprinted diasoaminobenzene-vinylpyridine copolymers. Tajodini M, Moghini A. ASIAN J. CHEM, 2010, 22(17), 4919-4930.
Fabrication of 3D Co3O4 homoarchitectures via a novel template-assisted corpecipitation process . Pan C, Wang Y, Qiu J. CHEM LETTS, 2010, 39(9), 944-945.
Synthesis of asymmetric peroxides: transition metal (Cu, Fe, Mn, Co) catalysed peroxidation of beta-dicarbonyl compounds with tert-butyl hydroperoxide. Terent ev A, Borisov D, Yaremenko I. J. ORG. CHEM, 2010, 75(15), 5065-5071.

January 2010

Dinuclear tetrapyridyl pendant-armed azamacrocyclic complexes of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Cd(II). Fernandez-Fernandez M, Batisda R, Macias A. J. ORGANOMETALLIC CHEM, 2009, 694(22), 3608-3613.
Physicochemical, surface and catalytic properties of Co3 O4/Mn2O3 and Mn2O3/Co3O4 systems. Shouman M. EGYPTIAN J. CHEM, 2009, 83(10), 1707-1716.
Synthesis, characterisation and biological studies of metal complexes of [Co(II), Ni(II), Ci(II), Zn(II)] with sulphadimidine-benzylidene. Tahira F, Imran M, Iqbal J. J. CHEMICAL SOC. PAKISTAN, 2009, 31(3), 453-458.
Synthesis and characterisation of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Cd(II) complexes of Schiff base derived from 1,8-diaminonaphthalene. Turan N, Sekerci M. Asian j. Chem, 2009, 21(9), 6939-6944.
Synthesis, characterisation and X-ray diffraction studies of Co(II), Ni(II) and Pd(II) complexes of Schiff base derived from 3-hydroxy benzaldehyde and 3-hydroxy-2-naphthonic hydrazide. Pawanoji A, Mehta B. ASIAN J. CHEM, 2009, 21(9), 6869-6876.
Complex of Co(III) as receptor molecule for development of a new perchlorate-selective polymeric membrane electrode. Zarei G, Zonouzi F. ASIAN J. CHEM, 2009, 21(9), 6819-6826.

January 2009

Synthesis and characterisation of N,N-diethylnicotinamide-acetylsalicylato complexes of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II. Kose D, necefoglu H, icbudak H. J. COORDINATION CHEM., 2008, 61(21), 3508-3515.
Synthesis, experimental and theoretical characterisation of tetra dentate N,Nprime-dipyridoxyk (1,3-propylenediamine) salen ligand and its Co(III) complex. Eshtiagh-Hosseini H, Housaindokht M, Beyramabadi S. SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA A, 2008, 71(4), 1341-1347.

October 2008

On the mechanisms of degenerate ligand exchange in [M(CH3)]+/CH4 couples (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Ru, Rh, Pd, Os, Ir, Pt) as explored by mass spectrometric and computational studies: oxidative addition/reductive eliminiation versus complex-assisted metathesis. Armelin M, Schlangen M, Schwarz H. CHEM, 2008, 14(17), 5229-5236.

April 2008

Synthesis, characterisation and 3D moelcular modelling of some ternary complexes of Cu(II), Ni(II), Co(II), Zn(II), Sm(III), Th(IV) and UO2(VI) with Schiff base derived from the sulfa drug sulfabenzamide and 1,10-phenanthroline. Maurya R, Chourasia J, Sharma P. INDIAN J. CHEM. A, 2007, 46(10), 1594-1604.
Synthesis and special studies of mixed ligand complexes of Co(II) with 5-nitrosalicylaldehyde and beta-diketones, hydroxyaryl aldehydes or ketones. Agrawal A, Sharma K, Prasad R. POLISH J. CHEM, 2007, 81(12), 2081-2088.

January 2008

Study of some metal complexes involving biological important ligand by solution electrophoresis [Cu(II)/Ni(II)/Co(II)/Zn(II)-pyridoxal system]. Singh S.S, Singh V, Singh S. ORIENTAL J. CHEM, 2007, 23(2), 679-682.

October 2007

A comparison of different methods for fitting susceptibility data of cobalt(II) coordination polymers in a new cobalt(II)/sulphate 1-D chain. Jones L, Kilner C, Halcrow M.


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