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Abstracts - Ceramics

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July 2014


Structural and microwave properties of (Mg,Zn/Co)TiO3 dielectric ceramics. Rajput S, Keshri S. J. MATERS. ENGINEERING & PERFORMANCE, 2014, 23(6), 2103-2109.
Nonlinear absorption of submicrometer grain-size cobalt-doped magnesium aluminate transparent ceramics. Wajler A, Kozowska A, nakielska M. J. AMERICAN CERAMIC SOC., 2014, 97(6), 1692-1695.
Magnetic properties of hard (CoFe2O4)-soft (Fe3O4) composite ceramics. Yi F. CERAMICS INTNL, 2014, 40(6), 7837-7840.
Enhanced thermoelectric properties of hole-doped Bi2xBaxSr2Co2Oy ceramics. He Q, Qin Z, Zhang J. J. ELECTRONIC MATERS., 2014, 43(5), 1432-1435.
Optimisation of thermoelectric properties by Cu substitution in LaCoO2 ceramics. Choudhary K, Kaurav N, Ghosh S. INTNL J. MODERN PHYS. B, 2014, 28(9/10), 1450065.
Effect of cobalt doping on the structural, microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of MgTiO3 ceramics prepared by semi alkoxide precursor method. Santhosh Kumar T, Gogoi P, Perumal A. J. AMERICAN CERAMIC SOC., 2014, 97(4), 1054-1059.
Ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties of Bi7xLaxFe1.5Co1.5Ti3O21 ceramics prepared by the hot-press method. Lei Z, Huang Y, Liu M. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 2014, 600, 168-171.
Effects of aluminium doping on the microstructure and electrical properties of ZnO-Pr6O11-Co3O4-MnCO3-Y2O3 varistor ceramics. Wang M, Zhang B, Li G. J. WUHAN UNIV. TECHNOL. MATERS. SCI. ED. (English), 2014, 29(2), 246-249.
TiSiN coatings for improved bond strength of CoCr alloy to dental ceramic. Dinu M, Braic V, Colease G. KEY ENGINEERING MATERS., 2014, 587, 275-281.
Enhanced thermoelectric performance of heave-metals (M: ba, Pb) doped misfit-layered ceramics: (Ca2xMxCoO3)0.62(CoO2). Butt S, Ren Y, Farooq M. ENERGY CONVERSION & MANAGEMENT, 2014, 83, 35-41.
Room temperature magnetism and ferroelecrtricity in BaTi0.95xHf0.05CoxO3 ceramics. Das S, Roul B, J. MAGNETISM & MAGNETIC MATERS., 2014, 363, 77-81.
Homogeneous precipitation synthesis and thermoelectric properties of Ca2Co2O5 ceramics. Chen S, Wang H, Wan W. ENERGY MATERS., 2013, 8(4), 331-336.
Structure and elecrtrical performance of Mn1.5-0.5xCo0.9-0.3xNi0.6-0.2xCuxO4 NTC ceramics prepared by heterogeneous precipitation. Xiong K, Zhao S, Li D. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 014, 606, 273-277.
Low loss and temperature stable microwave dielectrics using Li2(Mg1-xAx)Ti3O8 (A2+ = Zn, Co; x = 0.02-0.1) ceramics. Su C, Ho Y, Huang C. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 2014, 607, 67-72.
Effect of cobalt doping on the dielectric response of Ba0.95Pb0.05TiO3 ceramics. Markiewicz E, Bujakiewicz-Koroska R, Majda D. J. ELECTROCERAMICS, 2014, 32(1), 92-101.

April 2014

Enhanced magnetic and conductive properties of Ba and Co co-doped BiFeO3 ceramics. Xi X, Wang S, Liu W. J. MAGNETISM & MAGNETIC MATERS., 2014, 355, 259-264.
Magnetic and dielectric properties of metamagnetic TbCo0.5Mn0.5O3.07 ceramics. Su J, Zhang J, Lu X. J. MATERS. SCI., 2014, 49(10), 3581-3686.
The role of Eu2O3 and CeO2 on the phase formation, infrared emission and magnetic properties of Co0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4 ceramics by a solvothermal method. Zhang Y, Ma J, Lu J. CERAMICS INTNL, 2014, 40(3), 4437-4443.
Shifting tau f value of (Mg0.95Co0.05)TiO3 ceramics by C0.61Nd0.78/3TiO3 addition. Chen P, Pan C, Lin W. ADVANCED MATERS. RES., 2013, 807/809(3), 2703-2706.
Effect of Al2O3 addition on microwave dielectric properties of BaCo0.194Zn0.116Nb0.69O3 ceramics. Liao P, Qiu T, Yang J. ELECTRONIC MATERS. LETTS, 2014, 10(1), 121-125.
Mutual control of magnetisation and electrical polarisation by electric and magnetic fields at room temperature in Y-type BaSrCo2-xZnxFe11AlO22 ceramics. Hirose S, Haruki K, Ando A. APP. PHYS. LETTS, 2014, 104(2), 022907.
Temperature compensating microwave dielectric based on the (Mg0.97Co0.03)2(Ti0.95Sn0.05)O4-CaTiO3 ceramic system. Li H, Liy, Tang B. J. MATERS. SCI. MATERS. IN ELECTRONICS, 2014, 25(2), 717-722.
Modification of thermoelectric properties in Ca3Co4Oy ceramics by Nd doping. Constantinescu G, Torres M, Rasekh S. J. MATERS. SCI. MATERS. IN ELECTRONICS, 2014, 25(2), 922-927.
Preparation and electrical properties of Mn1.05-yCo1.95-x-z-wNixMgyAlzFewO4 NTC ceramic derived from microemulsion method. Xia J. Zhao Q, Gao B. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 2014, 591, 207-212.

January 2014

Thermoelectrical properties of alpha phase and gamma phase NaxCo2O4 ceramics prepared by spark plasma sintering method. Mikami N, Nishio K, Arai K. MATERS. RES. SOC. SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS, 2013, 1490, 57-62.


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