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Abstracts - Alloys - Amorphous

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October 2013

Alloys - Amorphous

Glass-forming ability, fragility parameter and mechanical properties of Co-Ir-Ta-B amorphous alloys. Wang J, Huang L, Zhu S. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 2013, 576, 375-379.

July 2012

Effet of Co on the microstructure, magnetic properties and thermal stability of bulk Fe73-xCoxNb5Y3B19 (where x = 0 or 10) amorphous alloys. Nabialek M, Szota M, Dospial M. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 2012, 526, 68-73.

October 2011

Enhanced soft magnetic properties in magnetic field annealed amorphous Fe(Co)-Zr-B alloys (3 pages). Mishra D, Saravanan P, Perumal A. J. APP. PHYS, 2011, 109(7), Part 2, 07A306.

April 2011

Effect of cobalt on the corrosion behaviour of amorphous Fe-Co-Cr-B-Si alloys in dilute mineral acids. Solomon I, Solomon N. REVISTA DE METALURGIA, 2010, 46(5), 389-395.

January 2011

Corrosion behaviour of amorphous Co69Fe4.5Cr1.5Si10B15 alloy. Kim H, Jang H. CORROSION, 2010, 66(11), 116002.
Effect of cobalt on the corrosion behaviour of amorphous Fe-Co-Cr-B-Si alloys in dilute mineral acids. Solomon I, Solomon N. CANADIAN METALLURGICAL QUARTERLY, 2010, 49(3), 319-324.

July 2010

Effect of adding elements on glass-forming ability of (Cu47Ti34Zr11Ni8)99M (M = Al, Be, Si, Nb, Fe and Co) bulk amorphous alloys. Kong J, Xiong D, Ma X. J. NANOCRYSTALLINE SOLIDS, 2010, 356(20-22, 952-957.
Influence of Co and Ni addition on the magnetocaloric effect in Fe88-2xCoxNixZr7B4Cu1 soft magnetic amorphous alloys (3 pages). Caballero-Flores R, Franco V, Conde A. APP. PHYS LETTS, 2010, 96(18), 182506.

July 2009

Hydrogen in amorphous TM33Zr67 (TM = fe, Co) alloys. Himitliiska T, Spassov T. J. THERMAL ANAL. & CALORIMETRY, 2009, 96(2), 347-351.
Electrochemical properties of an amorphous 2Mg + 3d alloys doped by nickel atoms (3d = Fe, Co, Ni, Cu). Okonska I, Jurczyk M. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 2009, 475(1-2), 289-203.
Magnetic properties of B-rich (Fe,Co)-Nb-B amorphous alloys. Betancourt I, Landa R. J. ALLOYS & COMPOUNDS, 2009, 481(1-2), 87-90.

April 2009

Structural transformations and wear resistance of abrasive-affected amorphous Fe- and Co-based alloys Korshunov L, Chernenko N. PHYSICS OF METALS & METALLOGRAPHY, 2008, 106(6), 616-623.
Study on preparing and crystallisation kinetics of melt-spun Co-based soft magnetic amorphous alloy. Lei H, Xungang D, Baoxia G. RARE METAL MATERS & ENGINEERING, 2008, 37(9), 1628-1632.

January 2009

The influence of Cr, Mo and Mn on structural changes and magnetic properties of Co75,5Fe4,5Si6B14 amorphous alloys. Bednarska L, Kotur B, Mudry S. J. PHYS., 2008, 98, 062010.
Thermal stability and crystallisation of iron and cobalt-based bulk amorphous alloys. Olszewski J, Zbroszczyk H, Sobczyk K. ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A, 2008, 114(6), 1659-1666.
Structural relaxation of Co33.4Zr66.6 amorphous alloy in terms of viscous flow and bend stress relaxation. Russew K, Yankova S, Stojanova L. J. MATER. SCI. & TECHNOL., 2007, 15(3), 191-207.

October 2007

Simulation of local microstructure of amorphous alloys CoxB100-x. Vn Hong N, Hung P, Nghiep D.
Influence of alloying additions on enhancement of soft magnetic properties effect and crystallisation in FeXSiB (X = Cu, V, Co, Zr, Nb) amorphous alloys.
Studies on electrodeposition nad corrosion behaviour of a Ni-Co amorphous alloy. Santana R, Campos A, Medeiros A.

July 2007

Effect of composition on the crystallisation and magnetic properties of Fe-Co-Si-B-Nb amorphous alloys. Kim H.
Effect of heat treatment on transport and magnetic properties of Co-based amorphous alloys. Sheverdyaeva P, Prudnikov V, Perov N.

January 2007

Nanolamellar structure obtained by simple crystallisation of an amorphous cobalt-based magnetic alloy. Li H, Ramanujan R.
Relaxation and fracture characteristics in Co-based amorphous alloys. Tejedor M, Garcia J, Elbaile L.

October 2006

Deconvolution of ferromagnetic resonance in devitrification process of Co-based amorphous alloys. Montiel H, Alvarez G, Betancourt I.
Influence of Co addition on the magnetocaloric effect of FeCoSiAlGaPCB amorphous alloys (3 pages). Franco V, Borrego J, Conde A.


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