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Abstracts - Allergy

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January 2013


Cobalt sensitisation and dermatitis: Considerations for the clinician. Thyssen J. DERMATITIS, 2012, 2395), 203-209.

October 2012

The sino-American belt study: Nickel and cobalt exposure, epidemiology and clinical considerations. Hamann D, Hamann C, Li L. DERMATITIS. 2012, 23(3), 117-123.
Tolerance to cobalt after immunotherapy for cobalt hypersensitivity. Mansfield L, Urrea L, Hutteman H. ANNALS OF ALLERGY ASTHMA & IMMUNOLOGY, 2012, 108(5), 382-383.

July 2012

Cobalt spot test used for diagnosis of occupationally-related exposure to cobalt-containing powder. Thyssen J, Johansen J, Jellesen M. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2012, 66(4), 228-229.

April 2012

Cobalt release from implants and consumer items and characteristics of cobalt sensitised patients with dermatitis. Thyssen J, Menn T, Lidn C. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2012, 66(3), 113-112.

October 2011

Nickel and cobalt allergy before and after nickel regulation - evaluation of a public health intervention. Thyssen J, CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2011, 65(Supp/1), 1-68.
Cobalt release from inexpensive earrings from Thailand and China. Hamann C, Hamann D, Hamann K. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2011, 64(4), 238-240.

July 2011

Allergic palmoplantar pustulosis caused by cobalt in cast dental crowns: a case report. Song H, Yin W, ma W, ORAL SURGERY ORAL MED. ORAL PATHOLOGY ORAL RADIOLOGY & ENDODONTICS, 2011, 111(6), e8-e10.
Painful eczema mimicking pocket infection in a patient with an ICD: a rare cause of skin allergy to nickel/cobalt alloy. Citerne O, Gomes S, Scanu P. CIRCULATION, 2011, 123(11), 1241-1242.

April 2011

A comparative study of allergic contact dermatitis by patch test versus reflectance confocal laser microscopy, with nickel and cobalt. Sakanashi E, Matsumura M, Kikuchi K. EJD, 2010, 20(6), 705-711.

January 2011

Occupational cobalt allergic contact dermatitis resulting from polyester resin. Cahill J, Andersen K. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2010, 63(5), 292-294.
Dissolution of cemented carbide powders in artificial sweat: implications for cobalt sensitisation and contact dermatitis. Stefaniak A, Harvey C, Virji M. J. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING, 2010, 12(10), 1815-1822.

October 2010

Cobalt release from inexpensive jewellery: has the use of cobalt replaced nickel following regulatory intervention? Thyssen J, Jellesen M, Menne T. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2010, 63(2), 63-69.
A spot test for detectin of cobalt release - early experience and findings. Thyssen J, Menne T, Johansen J. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2010, 63(2), 63-69.

July 2010

Nail-art and cobalt allergy. Guarneri F, Guarneri C, Cannavo S. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2010, 62(5), 320-321.

April 2010

Nickel, cobalt and chromate sensitisation and occupation. Rui F, Bovenzi M, Prodi A. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2010, 62(4), 225-231.

January 2010

Cobalt allergy and suspected aseptic lymphocyte-dominated vascular-associated lesion following total hip arthroplasty. Jensen P, Thyssen J, Retpen J. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2009, 61(4), 238-239.
Prevalence of nickel and cobalt allergy among female patients with dermatitis before and after Danish government regulation: A 23-year retrospective study. Thyssen J, Johansen J, Carlsen B. Thyssen J, Johansen J, Carlsen B. J. AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY, 2009, 61(5), 799-805.

July 2009

Intolerance reactions to knee arthroplasty in patients with nickel/cobalt allergy and disappearance of symptoms after revision surgery with titanium-based endoprostheses. Dietrich K, Mazoochian F, Summer B. JDDG, 2009, 7(5), 410-412.
Occupational cobalt induced systemic contact dermatitis. Asano Y, Makino T, Norisugi O, EJD, 2009, 19(2), 166.

April 2009

Cobalt-containing alloys and their ability to release cobalt cause dermatitis. Julander A, Hindsen M, Skare L. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2009, 60(3), 165-170.
Cobalt-induced anaphylaxis, contact urticaria and delayed allergy in a ceramics decorator. Krecisz B, Kiec-Swierczynska M, Krawczyk P. CONTACT DERMATITIS, 2009, 60(3), 173-174.

January 2009

Age and sex-related variations in allergic contact dermatitis: nickel and cobalt allergy decreases whilst fragrance allergy increases with age. Garg S, McDonagh A, Gawkrodger D. BRITISH J. DERMATOLOGY, 2008, 159(Supp/1), 86.

January 2008

Cobalt contact allergy. Tomb R. ANNALES DE DERMATOLOGIE ET DE NEVEREOLOGIE. 2007, 134(10), 796-797.

October 2006

The impact of various patient factors on contact allergy to nickel, cobalt and chromate. Ruff C, Belsito D.


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